----- FAQ (Whatsapp Leads) -----

Will it work on Desktop too?
- Yes, the button will open Whatsapp Web and the user can still send the message.

How can I increase number of leads?
- Have a tempting call to action, which would prompt user to message you. e.g. Unlock upto 20% disount, Unlock free gift etc

How do I know which product the user was surfing?
- The first message on user's side will have the link to the page the user was on when they initiated the conversation

Can customer edit the initial Whatsapp Message?
- The initial message is not editable on Desktop. On mobile devices, the user can edit the initial message that you had configured before sending the message.

How many whatsapp numbers can I configure
- 1 for now, soon we will be adding an option to add multiple Whatsapp numbers.

What is cost of the app
- $5 per month.

What about support?
- Adevole is a 4 year old comapany known best for timely support and quick turn around time for resolving them. Feel free to write to us at contact@adevole.com for any support request.