----- FAQ (Pretty Cart Links) -----

What is cost of the app
- Just one time cost of 20$.

What about support?
- Adevole is a 4 year old company known for good support and quick turn around time for resolving issues. Feel free to write to us at contact@adevole.com for any support request.

Can I change the slug name once set?
- Yes, but the app will work only for the current slug name. The older links will take user to empty cart page.

Is is necessary to set slug name?
- It's not necessary to set a slug name. The app generates a default link which too can be used to preload products to cart.

Where does the user land through the link?
- User will land on cart page and then redirect to checkout page.

Will it work if the product us not in Inventory?
- User will land on cart page and then they will be redirected to checkout page.

Can I include discount coupon in the link
- The feature is under development and will be available for user who pay one time cost of app.